Sunday, 30 October 2011

Chamfer panels are in place

October is over as well as another step in my boatbuilding process:
Inner panels are in place.
It took me a month to fabricate and glue the panels in.
Port side

Starboard side

Front crossbeam/bridgedeck

2000mm bulkhead

500mm bulkhead

Inner view

Friday, 14 October 2011

Chain plate bulkhead

End of September 2011.
Chain plate bulkhead is in place.

Cockpit seat. View from saloon.

Daggerboard case cut-out

Last summer I built two daggerboard cases mock-ups from cheap EPS foam and then I make a starboard cut in order to install the daggerboard case.
You could see details on pictures below.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

10000mm bulkheads

10000mm bulkheads are in place.
And rear panel for cockpit seat has been glassed as well.

Starboard bulkhead

Rear seat panel glassed

Rudder's hardware

My  inventory:
Last spring I’ve got titanium rudder shafts with derlin gliding bushings (thanks Dad!),  as well as bulkhead steerer case and steering wheel hub with a stainless steel shaft.
So, the next step (when I`m done with glassing the hull in my shed for the season) is gonna build a pair of rudders in my garage.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Forward crossbeam panels

August 2011.
I vacuum bagged and installed few panels for the front crossbeam.
I also changed the shape of D-panels to made kid's berths a bit wider.
It allows accommodating twin-size mattresses for both of them.

You can see the changes
being made there.

Saloon bulkheads

Two saloon bulkheads were glued in at the mid of August, 2011.
Overall view

Starboard panel

Cockpit seat

I built cockpit seat/rear crossbeam last winter in my garage.
At August, 2011 it went into it's place onto my boat.

Dry fit


Rear panel in place. Ready to tape.

8000 bulkheads

Port and starboard 8000 bulkheads were installed.
Starboard bulkhead

Bridgedeck installed

End of July.
Bridgedeck is installed.

Front crossbeam in progress

Mid of July, 2011.
D-panels are in place (glued, except the last one).


Beginning of July, 2011.
Bridgedeck panels were glued together, reinforcement installed.

Mast post panel

At the end of June, 2011 pre-fabricated mast post panel has been cut to the size and glied in place.
Starboard view

Few bulkheads are installed

At June 20th, 2011 three bulkheads (including mastpost bulkhead) were cut in size and glued into hull bottoms. Boat became to get a shape.
Rear crossbeam bulkhead.
Made from plywood (in a half).

Front crossbeam bulkhead.

Maststpost bulkhead.
The central part made out of 5/8" marine grade
plywood, fibeglass laminated.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A bit of history, or how hull buttoms were made

I was able to recover just few pictures of hull bottoms building process (summer 2009):

Every bottom has been built
out of two halves in my garage.

Framed mold with foam
bent and glued together

Glassed half

Another view

My garage at that time


Spring 2010.
Halves are being glued
together in my container.

Starboard hull bottom
outside the contaner

Both of them are ready
for bogging

First bulkheads

June 11th 2011.
First bulkheads were glued from pre-fabricated panes.
These are parts of front and rear crossbeams.
Front crossbeam bulkhead

Rear crossbeam bulkhead