Monday, 6 January 2014

Navigation station top

Here is first coat of bar top epoxy over nav station counter top.



Beauty of wood

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Saloon furniture

Saloon furniture in progress

Kitchen cabinets (taking shape)

Kitchen countertop
(dry fitted, unfinished)

Fridge cabinet 

Fridge cabinet and cupboards

Navigation station
and high cabinet

Nav station counter (unfinished)

Saloon seat (top panels just fitted)

Another view

Cooler compartment

Under seat locker 

Port cupboards
(view from hull)

Getting white

There is a bit of bog been applied and sanded last summer/fall.

Saloon stairs

Saloon stairs are in progress now (need to tape them).

Starboard side
(view from aft)

Starboard side (from top)

Starboard side
(view from bow)

Port (from top)

Port (from bow)

She's getting longer

2+ feet has been added to her length in total (~2' at aft, 6" at bow). She is 11.4m (37' 4") now.

Port aft (transom, rudder step)

Side panel

Starboard rudder compartment

Starboard view (platform)