Friday, 23 December 2016

Okanagan lake fun

Few pictures of little dinghy (with new 15hp outboard motor).

Dinghy facelift

Couple modifications to my dinghy before we went to Okanagan lake trip.

2016 season update

It was busy year for sure.
After diagnosed cancer and DVT and proper (I hope) treatment I was able close bit over 500 hours of working on the boat.
Most of them went to fairing, sanding and priming.
Major part of exterior got 2 coats of epoxy primer.
Inside the boat I did work on few compartments to make it fair. Seems like I succeeded there.
Construction wise it was not that busy. Helm seat, cockpit roof (partly done), reinforcements for hardware... Somewhere there.
It was as well very long season in shed. Since the end of March till December 10th. One of the longest season in my boat-building carrier. Up to date it's 3500 hours of sweat, blood and coarse language at site :) Kidding :) I did enjoy this time.
BTW, the huge help comes from FlexiSander tools ( Pricey but really effective.
Still able to close some task in my garage this winter (main bedroom floor panels, cockpit door, custom hatches).
Working on mast ideas. Seems like stayed rotating wing mast is the way to go. I hope it will be CF cored one. Will see.
Looking forward for the next year.
There are some pictures.