Friday, 20 November 2015

Season update

It's been 6 years for me in this build already. I spent 3000 hours to get to this point.
My mom decided to come and inspect what causing me to delay it so badly :)
Here are some photo evidences of my progress (see my mom is on the pictures).
BTW, the cockpit is almost ready for primer, so I moved on starboard side and cabin roof.
But the weather is so crappy here so I called for a season at the beginning of November.

Rear seat/crossbeam

Mocking up helm station


Navigation station and cabinet

Dining area

Startboard hull looking forward


My son's berth

Escape hatch from son's cabin

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Launch season

Last June I did launch my first catamaran. "Scrappy" was that.

Port view


Me and my boat

Happy boaters

Special edition homebrew. Launch occasion. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Last season progress

It’s where I left her at last season.


My boat building process was on hold for entire winter ‘cause it’s too cold and humid in my shed.
So I decided to jump onto dinghy build as some of DIY catamaran builders do.

Another reason for that was a bunch of “mystery foam” I’ve got from my supplier, Fiberglass Supplies at Burlington, WA (thanks Matthew and Hose!).
It turned out to be a remains of some 50 footer kit from some boat manufacturer. And a foam itself was 1.5” Dyvinicel  H100 of some irregular shapes.
Which was an overkill for this project, but I’ve got it dirt cheap, so it worth to build a dinghy out of it.

It was obviously for me that this boat is gonna be a catamaran, the question was what design it will be.
At the end it turned out that it will be my own design again.
I played with some software to design a hull, got some overall dimensions.
And, here you are, I built a boat.

It’s not finished yet, unfortunately. I couldn’t sand it in my garage.
So I waited for some good weather to clean up the shell and make it ready for the final glassing.

There are some pictures of the building process.

Hatches are dry fitted for now.